Buy Zorb Soccer Ball

The zorb soccer ball used for playing bubble soccer is a hilarious and a fun filled invention. Though not heard by many this feat – packed game that started out in the U.K. has gained immense popularity and worldwide attention. The game is played with 14 players who are swathed into zorb-like inflatable bubbles who are urged to bounce among themselves as they compet possession of ball.

zorb soccer
This brand new game brings in a whole new meaning to a weekend of fun-filled soccer game that is equally liked by adults and children since people playing this game look like giant BUBBLES running around bouncing into each other.
Bubble Football was invented by a guy named Lee Moseley, 30, who worked as asbestos surveyor. He left his job to follow his passion. At the beginning of the game at first it seems to be a bit apprehensive. However, as the game progresses the players and the bubble-soccer fans become captivated by this fun packed game and at times the game can go on for hours and hours. However, during the game human psychology comes into play and it feels weird to push into someone like a rugby player with the thought of getting jabbed or knocked over by someone.
What’s brilliant about this game is that when one falls during play it does not hurt at all, in fact, the player bounce right back on his feet.
Since it looks like a silly invention and the football rules, don’t seem to apply much to it all age groups can have a go at it. In fact during nationwide celebrations like the 4th of July, different communities hold events for a fun packed evening with Bounce U, inflatable slides, petting zoo and not to forget zorb balls. Even though it is a British invention, it has gained immense popularity in U.S. Zorb ball can be bought at many sports and equipment stores as well as in on-line shops.