Zorb Soccer Suits is where teams of people get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles in USA, allowing them to bump, roll and flip over whilst trying to score a goal.Zorb soccer Balls can be used by small children as well as adults. Great Fun Zorb Soccer Sports: Inside the Body Zorb […]

Zorb Soccer Rental,Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned zorb soccer, zorb soccer will make sure you have an awesome time! Zorb Soccer are air-tight, heat-sealed inflatable products,which is made of PVC or TPU material. It is a Giant Inflatable Sphere Diameter 1.2m for kids, Diameter1.5m&1.8mfor adults. Zorb soccer is also called Body Zorb, Inflatable Bumper

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What is zorb soccer?For a crazy and beautiful game, zorb soccer provides economical friendly game-play equipment packages suitable for Bachelorette or Bachelor parties, Sports Tournaments, Fundraisers, Corporate events and Birthday parties. Steve Mosley is the founder of the company and together with his team of experts; they rent out playing equipment and most specifically bubbles.

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A Zorb Soccer refers to a large inflatable ball which is made of numerous air cushions which keeps you protected from injury. Zorb Soccer is a new contact sport that is really gaining a lot of popularity in the United States. This is the right game for those that love playing without getting injured. a Zorb Soccer cost is approximately $249.99.

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