Bubble soccer is one of the fascinating and hilarious games to either watch or actively participate especially with your family members.The latter game involves having a five -a- side football and inflatable balls.   Every participating player is supposed to be inside an inflatable ball; the latter attire creates fun and crazy moments during game […]

Bubble football or zorb soccer is the new fun sport that combines football with bubbles. The players play the traditional football game but each one is wearing a bubble suit. The suit is from above their heads down to their waists so that their legs are completely unrestricted. Bubble football has many advantages but we

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Heard of zorb soccer? Well before we get into what is zorb soccer first understand zorb ball. Zorb ball is a twofold layer ball, the external ball is around 3.0m distance across and the inward ball is around 2.0m measurement. The two balls are associated with numerous nylon bars and full with air. Zorb ball

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Zorb Soccer is the thing that various people are after. It is another redirection That is making an edge in the redirections business because of its fun nature. The redirection is performed for the resistance purposes and moreover to lock in. You can have this unstable feeling while playing or observing a few people play.

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Zorb soccer is invented by two Norwegian Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden at the end of 2011. Now, it has become a superb choice of group activity for modern enterprise. Because its demand on the site is very low, as long as the venue to meet the flat and open conditions. The ways of buying sport equipment are also very convenient.

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