Do you know how to play zorb soccer?

Maybe you will feel zorb soccer is a very simple game. I can tell you what you think is right. But you might be ignored a lot of attention when you play zorb soccer. I would like you to meet the following the attention. If you can do these, you can really enjoy the magic  and fun of football in bubbles. After the competition, you have to clean up your legacy in a bubble items. If there is a part of the bubble contact with your body, you must use paper towel to wipe it clean. The organizer will provide you with paper towels and alcohol. You must remember that bubble need a disinfection. You have to do all above to make sure the next player have clean equipment can be used. Remember that sentence: send person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance. This is a reflection of your citizens’ basic quality. We strongly recommend that each participant who is playing football carry a large bottle, and you can have to carry the calories of food and the clean clothes. Bubble football carry momentum is too big, so you must pay attention to your health.

bubble football