Everyone is really fond of bubble ball soccer

bubble ball soccer

Bubble ball soccer have enough age limit, a lot of people can play it together. Participants must wear clothing made of special material for this game. This game need you to play football in the bubble . When you put on the bubble, you will like stay in the airbag. Bubbles just like your escort, always ready to protect your personal safety.

A bubble ball soccer game is about 30 minutes, you can feel there are a considerable amount of exercise. The total of bubble ball soccer team is two, the two teams is the relationship between rivals. A team has three people, each team up to five people. Remember that when you are playing bubbles football, you can’t be more than 10 people. Because a bubble football is football, so we will try our best to kick the football into the opposing team’s goal, so we can score. Playing bubble football, you can also knocked someone down, but he doesn’t hurt at all. But what you have to remember is that you can’t knocked down the onlookers. Finally, after playing bubble ball soccer, you should remember to wash yourself and equipment, so the later one will be thank for you.