The zorb soccer ball is available in PVC and TPU materials, while the latter one is more durable, practical and environmental friendly.

  • What is the difference between the types of the material? TPU or PVC, Which one is better

TPU is more better than PVC.TPU is more expensive than PVC.For TPU material, it is more durable than PVC. It dont have any bad smell if the weather is much hot.So it is used in most of hot city, like Brazil, Chile, Mexico,Lubbock,Oklahoma City,Raleigh,Tulsa,Austin. We have many customers there. Attached is our SGS TPU material testing report.

Zorb soccer is fun for everyone.

  • Is there a age limit?

We suggest kids over five yeas old can play zorb soccer

  • What is the zorb soccer size?

We have 3 different size to fit all type of customers.
S  : 1.2M 1M  (  4′ Dia 3.3′ )
M : 1.5M (5′ Dia 4.3′ )
L  : 1.7M  (5.6′ Dia 5′ ).

  • Can we add any logo on it?

Remember there will be no additional cost for adding sample logo.

  • Is bubble soccer dangerous?

We have to admit that all sports are likely to cause an injury. If you correctly use the bubble suits, 99% we guarantee it is safe to play the bubble soccer.

  • How long is the delivery time?

You will receive your goods within 2 weeks if you are in Europe, US ,Canada, Australia, Asia after you place the order and finish the payment.

  • Is the pump(air blower) included?

Not included, but if you order 6 balls one-time. You can get one free pump.