Humorous and interesting zorb soccer ball swept across whole world

Now zorb soccer ball has been the national game.In the European and other regions,football has been one of the most popular hobbies recently,especially among the teenagers,now we have a new style of football which was called zorb soccer.

bubble football

In 2011,two people who are in the Norwegian created the game bubble soccer.It was just like bumper cars when it was played. In that year,bubble soccer was broadcast in a local TV show as a original game.And the next year, after released on the website ,bubble soccer was popular in the whole of Europe.Then,it swept across the world in a short term.The player need to be wrapped in a transparent plastic ball,and push against each other to make the competitor out.Because of the lack of balance by fixing hands,this game is flooded with joy and fun. Last year,bumper ball game was adopted in the “Running Man’’ which is a famous variety show many times,which increase the identification of the bubble football.And it was popular with lots of people,such as children,teenagers and office workers.When many people go to camp,bubble football is one of the first game which they will chose.The game can eliminate the sense of alienation in order to make everyone close as quickly as possible.