Playing In Bubbles: 3 Advantages of Playing Zorb Soccer Bubble Football for You

Bubble football or zorb soccer is the new fun sport that combines football with bubbles. The players play the traditional football game but each one is wearing a bubble suit. The suit is from above their heads down to their waists so that their legs are completely unrestricted. Bubble football has many advantages but we shall only look at 3.

The 3 advantages of playing zorb soccer are that it is a fun, team bonding and building sport. It is not only fun for the players but also for the audience. The field looks like a bunch of big ball running after a little ball and this can be quite comical.

bubble balls

Another one of the 3 advantages of playing zorb soccer is that anyone can play (as long as the suit fits) and it is safer than normal football because of the bubble suits. The players’ legs are free to move but the suit may make them off balanced or the steam, while they are playing, can make their vision blurry so they can end up running into each other. In normal football this may cause injuries but not in bubble football, this is part of playing the game and the suits act as a cushion so when they run into each other or fall down no one should get hurt as well as you will have a soft landing. This also adds to the comic viewing for the audience.

All sports improve health and bubble football is not an exception to this fact. The bubble suits add an extra advantage to normal football because not only are you running and playing football but because of the bubble suit you are burning more calories. Because you are able to burn more calories you are therefore able to get rid of excess fat that and this can lead to a healthier life.

Among the 3 advantages of playing zorb soccer there are many more and this is an easy sports to play regardless if you know about football or not. Try the sports for yourself and see what you think.