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    Kids ( 6-14 years ) Size 4'
    Adults Size 5'
    Extra Large Size 5'7"



Zorb soccer is played by use of an inflatable body bumper otherwise known as a zorb which is placed over one’s head and arms. The legs are free to move as they are not inside the zorb which means that one can walk,run,,jump or even bounce into other participants. Participants are supposed to follow the rules of the game and are also supervised in order to minimize on injuries that might occur.
This zorb soccer come in different sizes raging from 1-2 meters in diameter. The height may be small, medium or large with sizes 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 meters respectively.

What is the size?

A: For 1.2 meter dia and 1.5 meter dia the price is the same. But 1.7 meter dia for extra large size, the price is a bit different.You can refer below size chart for order.

4′ (1.2 meter ) Diameter Kids Size Bubble Ball ( 1.2m size is for who under 1.55m height )

5′ (1.5 meter ) Diameter Adult Size Bubble Ball ( 1.5m size is for who between 1.55m-1.85m height )

6′ (1.7 meter ) Diameter Extra Large Size Bubble Ball ( 1.7m size is for who over 1.85m height )

TPU has better quality than PVC ( double price than PVC ):
1, TPU has higher strength and higher tenacity than PVC, so loading weight of TPU can be as heavy as 180kg but PVC 100kg;
2, TPU is odorless but PVC smells some kind of acrid especially under hot weather condition, so TPU is more environmentally friendly than PVC;
3, TPU is with high purity and PVC is a mixture, so TPU will keep clear all the time and PVC will fade and become yellow as time passes by, so TPU’s lifespan is longer than PVC because of its resistance to oxidation.
Bubble Soccer playing instruction:
1.Make sure no sharp things on ground when playing the bubble soccer. Need a caper the common ground.
2.It is forbidden to carry with keys and mobile phone, glasses and sharp small decorations during the playing.
3.Make sure to check the bubble football is in a good condition belt and handle is firm before playing.
4.Player should be in belt, hold the two handles.
5.Children shoule play with the accompany of adults.
6.It is for bidden to use in rain day, and the wind above level three.
Bubble Soccer on security activities Note:
You should not be involved in the activities of the ball.
1.Suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weaker tourists.
2.Age of 65 should not participate.
3.Weight preferably not more than 300 KG.
4.People with heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weak shall not play it.
1.We test each water ball for 3 days to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.
2.We provide the zip oil (water ball), glue and material pieces for repairing in case
3.We shall guide you to repair the ball during all the life span of the water ball.
4.The quality guarantee period is 1 year.
5.This product can be produced according to customer’s requirements.
6.Free Accessories For Your Order:repair material kit, and instructions.