Zorb Soccer Balls

Have you ever heard about zorb soccer balls or zorbing balls? I’m sure a lot of people never even heard these words before but at the same time I can guarantee that most of them saw how it looks on YouTube, other internet sites or just in a local theme park. If you still don’t really know what I am talking about just go ahead and search for bubble soccer video online.

For a crazy and beautiful game,zorb soccer provides economical friendly game-play equipment packages suitable for Bachelorette or Bachelor parties, Sports Tournaments, Fundraisers, Corporate events and Birthday parties. Steve Mosley is the founder of the company and together with his team of experts; they rent out playing equipment and most specifically bubbles. The team serves businesses in need of a team-building exercise, fun, specialist client or specialist client day packages.


Still not sure if it’s something for you? I would suggest you to check out bubble soccer video on YouTube or just search for zorbing videos in general. I can assure you that it is as fun and exciting to experience zorbing in real life as it looks in those videos. Can you own one of these awesome toys yourself? Sure! zorbsoccer.us¬†online shop offers all kinds of inflatable bubbles for different kinds of activities. Different strokes for different folks!