Zorb Soccer Sale

Zorb Soccer for sale come in different varieties and at different prices. They can be easily bought online and delivered wherever you are. You can also decide on different ideas of having fun with the bubble ball. Others decide to play football with it. Whenever you play using a bubble ball, it usually eases the fall when you knock each other. At Amazon, prices vary according to the quality of ball you order. A variety that is sold and shipped by Battle Ball costs $320 plus an additional $40 for shipping. The ball is made of 0.8mm PVC plastic and is a high quality bubble soccer.With this ball you are guaranteed serious fun and laughter hence making your event a memorable one. You can play a variety of games which include Body Zorb Football, Body Zorb Sumo, Last Man Standing, and many more. The ball costs $180 and is 5 foot in diameter. Its qualities include high tensile strength, great flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance. It is designed for family use in swimming pools, amusement parks, barkyards, and water parks among others.

Bubble Football Shop ships its balls worldwide. You have the choice to select between PVC and PTU types however both are good in quality. The advantage with the Bubble football shop is the fact that they value their customers in a number of ways. First, they test your ball to ensure that it is seamed well, you are provided with zip oil and materials for repair just in case and lastly they guide you on how to repair your ball throughout its lifespan. They provide a guarantee period of one year. The prices at Bubble football shop range from 990 British Pounds for the cheapest ball to more than 6,700 Pounds.