Zorb Soccer Suits

Zorb Soccer Suits is where teams of people get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles in USA, allowing them to bump, roll and flip over whilst trying to score a goal.Zorb soccer Balls can be used by small children as well as adults.

Bubble Soccer6

Great Fun Zorb Soccer Sports:
Inside the Body Zorb Ball your legs is free so it is to run, jump, walk, flip and do lots of funs and play lots of games such as Body Zorb Soccer, Tag, Zorb Sumo, Bulldog Zorb and many more. Or you can just run around solo and try tomaster a forward roll, cartwheel or back flip. It has many ways to play body zorbing ball, and it can also play on different locations, like grass, hill, beach, snow, water, desert, etc.
Now Bubble Soccer Sports is very popular all over the world.

Maintain & Storage:
1. Disinfect and clean the ball regularly.
2. Check the ball before using. Any damage, please mend it with our repairing kit and glue.
3. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball.
4. Before packing, make sure the ball is clean and dry. Then store it in cool and dry place.