Zorb Soccer Vancouver

Zorb Soccer are the latest trend and talk of the town. It is a fun and innovative theme of using balls filled with air, which act as a air force fields protecting the body from head to the kneecaps, in recreational sport activities. Yes, you heard it right ! The bubbles cover up your entire body leaving just the legs, which are your tools to play the game. The concept is to run, bump, crash, fall, roll around, play and enjoy.
Bubble Ball Vancouver are the main source of Bubble Ball Soccer in the Lower Mainland. Zorb soccer Vancouver is similar to the normal soccer, except that you are inside an air ball. Just as it sounds, the game is absolute fun and could well become a part of small gatherings like birthdays, friendly picnics, or even corporate events.

Bubble Soccer Vancouver
Where to play?
There is no particular destination to play bubble soccer. Use any of your nearby open field or parks, and all you have to do is to order for the bubbles. There are also guides who give you some insight on to the game. But, there need to be at-least an eight member group, to call for the bubbles and small charges may be applicable for the delivery along with the standard costs.
It is suggestive of the players to be ready in sporty clothing, shoes and protective knee pad. Along with the balls, the suppliers also provide with the others requirements like the goals, scoreboard, markers, referees and even music system if required. The sport can be played by anyone, irrespective of their gender or age, but with certain precautions. So, all that the game requires is a convenient place, time and people.
Bubble soccer is definitely going to get the people excited, who are always waiting for new, fun filled ways to spend time with their close ones and I am sure its gonna get to you too!